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Cavaillon melon

How to recognise a good Cavaillon melon?

Rule no.1

The heavier the melon, the better it will be, even more so if the skin is slightly split.

Rule no.2

If the stalk can be easily removed, this means that the melon is ripe.

There you have it, from now on you can't go wrong.

"When the first Cavaillon melons arrive on the marketstalls, summer has really begun"
Introduced by the Popes in Avignon, melons remained the caviar of fruit until the 18th century. Eaten in the most prestigious restaurants in Paris from the 19th century, today it is celebrated by the Confrérie des Chevaliers de l'ordre du melon de Cavaillon (Order of the Knights of the Cavaillon Melon).

Whether sweet or savoury, Provencal recipes give pride of place to this fruit for which the most daring combinations are permitted.



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