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Ecological commitment

The Green Key label

We are very sensitive to the quality of our environment, every day, and we do loads of little things to preserve it, which gave us the award « Green Key Label » since 2000.

  • All the electricity supplied on the domaine is « green electricity » from either wind or solar or hydropower.
  • Our cleaning products have the European Eco-label and the staff is specially trained.
  • We militate for fair trade, by organizing tastings (like wine and olive oil) with the local farmers, but also cooking workshops.
  • Our mini farm with its organic vegetable garden, offers educational activities around the animals, the vegetables and knowledge of the immediate environment.
  • We encourage composting and waste sorting practices: the peelings of the restaurant kitchen and those of our customers are used for our vegetable garden and the hard bread to feed the animals. A composter is available on the farm next to the vegetable garden.
  • We offer bicycles and ebikes for rent and a car-sharing service for trips.

Respect Fauna & Flora

  • Nests for tit birds are installed on the whole domain as they are the only natural predators of the processionary caterpillar.

  • We think it is obvious but a little reminder ... Do not cut trees or branches, do not uproot plants, do not pick the flowers.


  • Sorting of waste
    Specific containers are available in B1 and B2 on the outside parking

  • Local Development
    The grocery store, restaurant or the food markets at Bélézy (July / August), we favor products from the local producers.


  • Accessibility
    For the comfort of all we are engaged in a process of renovation of our walking paths. Accommodation and camping pitches with an easy access for our elderly or disabled guests are also available.

  • Move
    Bélézy is a big domaine, the Bélézy employees have access to 100% electric cars to move around the whole campsite.

  • Environmental awareness
    Bélézy is full of natural diversity. To keep it we set up insect hotels and a principle of "late mowing."
    In addition, we organize weekly summer workshops on sustainable development.


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