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Safety features

Everything has been done to offer you the guarantees of optimal security during your stay at Bélézy. Our constant concern is to respect the privacy and intimacy of each guest.

Night porter

As soon as the reception desk closes, a night porter takes over. In July and August, he is present from 8.00pm for any medical or technical emergency.

Magnetic card

When you arrive, we will give you a magnetic card. All the main entrances to the site are controlled by this card.

Video surveillance

Bélézy possesses a video surveillance system situated at the main entrances to the site and along the exterior fences. This device is only destined to reinforce the security around Bélézy. We make sure that your intimacy within the campsite is fully respected.

Swimming pool fences

For your children's safety, all our swimming pools are fenced in according to the laws in force.

Restricted access for vehicles

For the children's safety, the tranquillity of all and the respect of the environment, vehicles are not authorised to drive within the site. In summer, cars are not allowed to park on the paths (except for two hours on arrival and departure for putting up/taking down tents and caravans).
Vehicles should be parked in the specially designed exterior car parks.



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